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The road to New Mexico is a winding 14 hour journey out of California and through the Arizona desert and mountain range of the Coconino Valley. It is a journey of open skies and arid lands until you hit the huge mountains leading up to Flagstaff. Stopping off for the night in the mountain town, Hawker stays at the haunted Montevista Hotel, which is a four story building with decorated bedrooms, vintage sweet dispensers filled with M&Ms and an in-house bar serving morning bagels and peanut butter.


From here it is another 7 hours until the town of Santa Fe comes into view. This is a road well travelled by Hawker and a favourite sourcing route. We stop at road side diners for waffles and chat to the local bartenders who give us tip of where to visit and when. New Mexico is an adventure with enormous rock boulders souring high above the line of the road. A trip to Taos is worth a wander around the small square and dropping by Georgia O'Keeffe's home and private studio is a must for inspiration on art and colour and further appreciation for the New Mexico landscape.



Being out on the road, meeting new people and finding now places to explore, new horizons to look to, is what gives Hawker total joy and a feeling of being in the world. It involves a lot of digging deep and plenty of alone time, but it also fills up our cup entirely. There is something about having to find one’s way in a new part of the world that is so exhilarating. 


Sourcing for Hawker is a combination of flea markets, gatherings with other vintage dealers, driving through forgotten towns and scouring dusty antique stores, picking through large warehouses, charity stores and garage sales. One of our favourite locations is a huge vintage flea market in Massachusetts where we catch up with our vintage picker friends who have brought the best of what they have found from all over the East Coast. Another favourite is the Rose Bowl in LA where vendors travel from all over the West Coast to be there to sell their wares.

Covid has meant we haven't had a chance to revisit our supply route so Hawker is patiently waiting for an opportunity to get back to the USA. Until then we are home based and keeping it local. It's not the same adventure but it is a much needed rest and recovery until we can get back out there once again.




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