How to do Vintage Interior Design.

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An interior designed space with a successful vintage aesthetic is a space that prioritises artisanal craftsmanship, uses natural materials and is furnished with a few key items that are sourced from vintage markets or resellers. By purchasing vintage and antique pieces you are breaking the cycle of the throw-away culture and thoughtless consumption we as consumers have fallen into since the birth of mass production. This approach to design means you are consuming consciously and considering the planet in your design process. 


Designer: Unknown; Image via Pinterest

I am not saying to purchase everything vintage. In interiors it is important to a have balance between aesthetic and practical. There are key items in every home, such as sofas or the bed, that get a lot of use and you may feel more comfortable buying new. I am saying however it is important to educate yourself on what the production process is, and why they cost what they do. If asking these questions is not part of your buying process currently, it should be. If you are in a position to create you dream home and buy new furniture then you are in a position to make the right choices.


Designer: Amber Interiors; Images via Pinterest

Luckily today there are businesses that consider the planet in their production process but you will need to dig a little deeper to find them. They are not your high street retail brands. They are small businesses who can tell you the names of the people making their furniture, and they will know a lot more about the pieces they are manufacturing. It is important to find these businesses and talk to them, work with them and support them. 


Designer: Beata Heuman; Image via Pinterest


What I love about designing with vintage furniture is you can find unique well made pieces, at a fraction of the price of retail, and they can really make the room spark. If you have an heirloom don't keep it in a cupboard gathering dust, find a way to put it on display. This will give your home a grounding and give you a story to tell. You also do not have to commit to designing your home in a certain era to engage in this market. Old work benches, metal baths, case pieces and cabinetry, industrial lighting, and handmade rugs are all examples of vintage pieces that work wonderfully in modern interiors. 

In this day and age we are spoilt. We have so many options so we have to be smart about how we use them. In this article I have included some images of successful interiors that do a great job of mixing vintage pieces into a modern home design. Interior designer studios that are doing wonderful work are Flack Studio, Amber Interiors and Beata Heuman. They are setting the bar for layered vibrant modern interiors using vintage pieces peppered throughout.


Designer: Flack Studios; Images via Architectural Digest


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