Hawker has been born out of a love for vintage, a nostalgia for the workmanship of the past and a desire to provide Australian consumers with a lifeline to quality vintage products. We provide designers, stylist, collectors, businesses and home decorators with personally sourced, professionally repaired, one-of-a-kind vintage furniture, lighting and accessories.

At Hawker it is our personal desire to create a resource for great vintage, somewhere collectors can feel confident that they are buying sustainably and ethically, and their investment is honest and authentic. We aim to provide a service for consumers to purchase items knowing that their purchase is earth friendly. We aim to acknowledge the environmental footprint we are making on the planet and to try to do our small part.



At Hawker we source industrial and primitive furniture from a selection of vintage and antique dealers in the USA. We travel to the west coast to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl and Long Beach flea markets; we travel inland to the quirky California towns of Ojai, Joshua Tree and Palm Springs; heading west into the mountains of Arizona, then via red cliffs of Sedona and past the Indian Hopi and Najavo reservations, into New Mexico. There are many more sourcing routes we take, and as a Hawker collection bares the marks of the regions we pass through, it is constantly changing and evolving depending on the season and location. One certainty is we always buy based on shape and story, and often on potential. We then ship these items back to be revived and reconditioned for the Australian marketplace.



By investing in vintage pieces you are choosing to be part of a movement of consumers who are stepping away from mass production, are shopping locally and thinking sustainably. All vintage items have been personally sourced by Hawker. You will never see a Hawker product wrapped in plastic or styrofoam, and any packaging we do use is eco-friendly or has been reused from packaging we have received. We do as much as we can with our own hands, with local makers or tradespeople.



A by-product of today trend for mass production is the loss of local artisanal skills. Generally speaking in Australia furniture makers are forced to outsource to Asia or Europe to remain competitive in the marketplace against larger corporations. Unless there is a pool of consumers who supports a market place of artisanal makers, who understand the need for quality, heritage, care and conservation, in 100 years we will have nothing left to show of the trades and artisanal talents of our past. Hawker resources include traditional craftsman such a wood workers, upholsterers, blacksmiths, printers, glass blowers and leather workers to revive our vintage collections.



Hawker is proud to collaborate with people and suppliers whose skills we truely admire. The resources we utilise are from relationships that have developed over many years in the interior design industry, and from people who work hard to perfect their trades.

We source product from the good people we meet on our journeys; from people who work hard and travel far and who love what they do, so we can bring the best we can find back to the Australia market. The majority of our vintage comes from pickers who untangle the goods from overstuffed barns, and who salvage from factories and derelict warehouses; who supply Hawker with product that is naturally worn, yet still in significantly good condition after being abandoned and forgotten for many years. Each piece is authentic and has lived a life.

Welcome to Hawker, and thank you.