Before founding Hawker, Rosie Brown founded another design start up aptly named Rosie and Co. Launched in 2013 and still going today, Rosie and Co is small interior design studio that offers interior design support to the cruise ship design industry. Rosie works closely with in-house interior design teams, and contractors, to offer a global design consultancy service, with no project too big or too small.

As an interior design consultant Rosie offers a variety of support depending on the needs of the client and the size of the project. One major part of the business is to work alongside the in-house design team to provide additional support in the design and documentation phase of the project. Rosie and Co offers full detail and drafting packages, and attends dry dock as a project manager overseeing the installation of the design. Another major offering is that of art curator and stylist. Rosie and Co has produced custom art schemes for interior and exterior use, as well as styling and floral designs for reception areas, food and beverage and private suites.

The following is a small selection of projects that Rosie and Co has worked on. They are all projects from the P&O Australia cruise line, owned by Carnival Cruises. Rosie has worked with P&O for over eight years seen many new ships enter, and many exit, the fleet.

All images are owned by P&O Australia.